What if everyone else is more special than me?

Being Ordinary



There's a good reason why the various spiritual paths and religious orders hold meditation or prayer dear. Meditation is a great reminder not to believe the nonsense that we tell ourselves. 

The only way to get rid of the need to be special is to disavow the many-tentacled story of your life. And that's incredibly hard. Inquiry is a support for that. Community is a support for that. Bodywork is a support for that. Meditation holds a special place as the support for noticing the mind itself, irrespective of its content.

Don't expect anything from meditation. Its main gift is to let you notice that you don't have to pay attention to your mind all the time. Even if your mind is busy during meditation, part of you is aware that it's not important to pay attention to it. That's enough. 

My only tip for meditating is to forget becoming an expert at it. You're an expert just by doing it. You're doing something nice for yourself. You're reminding yourself to let your mind be. You're seeing that you are not the same thing as your thoughts. That's plenty!