Ready to quiet your ego?

Being Ordinary


Getting the inner critic to shut up is a neat trick. It actually takes a whole lot of very hard work. The inner critic is a vampire: It prefers the dark, and has a tendency to disintegrate in the light of day. So most of Being Ordinary is exposing the inner critic to the light of day. We do this through simple exercises. It's pretty repetitive work, and it can be quite emotional. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But it's always worth it. The next Ordinary workshop is listed here. More dates are here.

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Personal Coaching

    My training is in executive coaching. I trained here. And I studied here. This is heart work. Most of what I do is ask questions, listen to answers, and then ask more questions. The answers are always within. The Greek spiritual master Socrates called this "recollection." He said that all wisdom and knowledge is inside each of us from birth, but is trapped by the body, and needs to be tickled out. 

Being Ordinary coaching is no different from executive coaching. You might have an annoying boss or frustrating project, or you might have your own annoying inner critic and frustrating need to excel.

I provide a platform and space for this vulnerable and difficult work. 

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You can do this yourself. There's no question that inquiry is the hardest part of any spiritual path. Meditation is a piece of cake next to inquiry. That's why there are so many teachers; they can prod inquiry. And having a regular group is quite helpful in many ways. But many people have successfully committed themselves to self-inquiry.  Not only can inquiry be self-propelled, eventually it has to be.

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